Digital signage at The Eatery Convenience Store
Convenience Stores

  • Leverage the power of digital signage for an up to 30% increase in sales.
  • Strengthen your brand and create more repeat customers while generating third-party ad revenue.
  • Bring your c-store into the next generation with a network of powerful digital screens to boost your advertising abilities.

Reap the Rewards of Digital Signage for C-stores

Today’s consumers are accustomed to bright digital displays for just about everything. Your convenience store advertisements should use this to their advantage. SignJet will provide you with attention-grabbing digital screens that capture customers’ attention and deliver their message effectively at a quick glance.

Convenience store digital signage is your key to cash in on the digital transformation that you’ve been missing out on. With c-store digital signs, you’ll see an increase in cart sizes of up to 30% by being able to deliver promotional content in a far more effective way than static signs.

digital advertising of food in convenience store

Take Advantage of
Attention-Grabbing Multimedia

Convenience store signage has evolved to include eye-catching graphics that are proven to work better than traditional signage. Multimedia content captures the attention of busy customers who want to get in and out as quickly as they can. Digital signs for c-stores are impossible to ignore, which makes them extremely effective marketing tools.

Convenience store digital signage for snacks
Simple to Use, Cloud-based
C-Store Digital Signage Software

Our c-store digital signage solution incorporates the functions you need to manage all of your screens from the same simple interface. Best of all, it can be managed remotely from any device that has a web browser. With a cloud-based digital signage CMS, you can make adjustments on the fly from anywhere at any time.

Digital Signage for Convenience Store
Software Branded & Customized

Your promotion displays can be branded with your logo and company details. Each display can include your color scheme, slogans, and any other features of your brand. This can all be adjusted at any time in your remote CMS.

Convenience store video wall signage

Serve Your Customers Better
with Interactive Screens

We don’t have to tell you the importance of engaging with your customers. With an interactive screen for self-service, your customers can choose from a variety of options not available on your shelves, such as bill pay, recharging phone data, or they can even self-check out.

Touch screen displays allow for a fully interactive experience that saves time for both the customer and your staff. It also limits face to face interactions and allows for a wider variety of payment methods.

Temperature Scanning Kiosks

Make your customers feel safe about entering your store with the peace of mind that no one inside has a fever. Temperature detection kiosks screen customers, keeping anyone who poses a clear risk to patrons out of the store.

It doubles as a way to inform unknowing people that they could be sick. This way, your business will be doing its part to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Collect & Automatically
Process Valuable Data

With touchscreen kiosks in place, you’ll be able to gather useful data about what your customers want and the way they interact with your offerings. Our digital signage software will automatically compile statistics that offer valuable customer insight.

Contact us now to find out more about how we can transform signage for convenience stores into highly effective, interactive tools that do much more than push promos.

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