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Temperature Screening Kiosk

Detect Fevers in Seconds

Touchless body temperature detection with optional face-wearing-mask and facial detection for access controlled area.



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WiFi Ready & Enabled

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Dustproof & waterproof

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Easy Plug & Play setup

No monthly software costs

No monthly software costs

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Anti-microbial finish

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Temperature in < 2 seconds ~3 ft. away

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3rd party integration capable

Screens w/Camera Icon

8” screen with camera & LED alerts

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Touchless, fully automated kiosk

Silent Alarms Icon

Silent alarms and smart notifications

Facial Detection Icon

Facial detection for access controlled doors

Interactive Dashboard Icon

Dashboard to easily manage multiple locations

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Ideal for offices, retail, hospitals, restaurants, and more

temperature threshold icon

Acceptable temperature thresholds

Customization Slider Icon

Display temp, messaging, and light/entry indicator

Remote Software Management

Keep an eye on safety through the remote management software dashboard. Monitor the kiosk’s activity: temperature checks, no-mask detections, employee time clock in/out, stranger detection.  Quickly turn settings on and off to change level of security.

Remote Management Software Dashboard

Hand Sanitizer Attachments

Provide additional safety with automatic hand sanitizer attachments available to mount on your kiosk stand

Thermal Kiosk Hand Sanitizer Addon

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Open Your Business Responsibly & Help Prevent Threats of a Second Wave

With so many unknowns, the COVID-19 virus continues to threaten the health and well-being of our planet.

Invest in the fight to protect our community and join us in efforts to safely interact with customers, employees, patients, students and co-workers.

Temperature Scanning Kiosk

Screening Question Forms

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Collect customer information faster for contact tracing with digital screening question forms

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QR code links individuals phones to standard CDC COVID-19 screening questions to fill out before entering

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How Accurate is the Thermal Scanner?
The Thermal Scanner is accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit.

What distance is the Thermal Scanner accurate at?
Facial recognition and scanning is accurate from up to 3 feet.

How quickly can the Thermal Scanner read a temperature?
The Thermal Scanner produces results in under 3 seconds.

Can the Thermal Scanner work if someone is wearing a mask?
Yes, the Thermal Scanner is effective with or without a mask.

Can the Thermal Scanner recognize employees?
Yes, the Thermal Scanner can hold up to 30,000 identities and store their temperature and access time/date.

How many people can be scanned at a time?
The Thermal Kiosk can scan 1 person at a time.

Can a Thermal Scanner mounted on the stand accurately read a temperature at a child's height?
The angle of the scanner can be adjusted to accommodate school aged children.

How will users know if their temperature is within an acceptable range?
The Thermal Scanner will show the temperature on the tablet screen and utilize a red light indicator for temperatures outside the allowable range and a green light for acceptable readings with an optional verbal notification.

How will the Thermal Scanner notify me of an elevated reading?
The Thermal Scanner has an audible alarm that can be utilized or turned to silent mode for user privacy. Additionally, during set-up you can choose for elevated temperature notifications to be sent via text or email for quick and easy notification.

How many people does it take to operate the Thermal Scanner?
The Thermal Scanner does not require an attendant, and is hands free for the user.

How long does it take to set-up the Thermal Scanner?
The Thermal Scanner requires minimal setup and takes only a few minutes to configure.

How is the Thermal Kiosk powered?
The Thermal Kiosk can run off a battery but we recommend it be powered via a standard 120v wall plug.

Do you have Thermal Kiosks in stock?
YES! Thermal Kiosks are available and ready for immediate shipping.

Where does the Thermal Kiosk ship from?
Thermal Kiosks ship from the USA and typically arrive within 3 days of shipping.

How long does shipping take?
Thermal Kiosks are typically shipped the next business day following purchase and arrive to you on average within 3 days.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?
Please contact us at for more information on bulk pricing.

What is included with the Temperature Screening Kiosk?
The Temperature Screening Kiosk comes with the following core features:

  • 60-inch silver pedestal base
  • Direct power unit needing to be plugged into a power outlet
  • 8-inch device screen with LED status bar
  • Camera
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Temperature and facial recognition
  • Anti-microbial silver powder coat finish

What are the Thermal Kiosk measurements?
8 inch LCD Screen Display, 10.25”H x 5.25”W x 1”D, pedestal is 4.5’ tall. Shipping weight is 40lbs.

What is the Thermal Kiosk stand made of?
The Thermal Kiosk stand is steel and manufactured in Texas.

Where can I use the Thermal Scanning Kiosk?
The Temperature Screening Kiosk is beneficial in any business or public environment but is particularly ideal for entry points, access gates to buildings, school campuses, healthcare clinics or hospitals, community events or public venues, hotels, retail stores, and transportation hubs. While temperature screening is applicable to any industry under COVID-19 symptom assessment guidelines, it is critically important to:

  • Manufacturing Plants and Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
  • Senior Care Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools

Does the Thermal Kiosk offer Facial Recognition?
Yes, the Thermal Kiosk includes facial recognition you can customize and stores up to 30,000 individual faces/employees.

Can the Thermal Kiosk store user information?
Yes, the Thermal Kiosk stores information locally and can connect to a server or computer via WiFi or Ethernet.

Does Thermal Kiosk have its own Software?
Thermal Kiosk offers SmartPass software for use with the unit. SmartPass is not required to use the kiosk but makes accessing locally stored data easy.

Does the Thermal Kiosk offer Cloud Connectivity?
Yes, information stored on the  Thermal Kiosk can be downloaded to the cloud.

Is the Thermal Kiosk FDA Compliant?
Legal Disclaimer: The Thermal Kiosks is not a medical device. Statements regarding this temperature device have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Is the Thermal Kiosks FCC Compliant?
Yes, the applicable standard is ANSI C63.4- 2014 (Information Technology Equipment) it has been assigned against CISPR PUB. 222, FCC Part 15 Subpart B and has the FCC mark . TAF testing laboratory 1439.

Is there a warranty?
Thermal Kiosks come with a standard 1 year warranty.

Can I cancel my order?
Due to the special-order nature of all of our temperature screening kiosks, we are unable to cancel orders after they have been placed. Temperature kiosks are ineligible for returns, except in the case of warranty repairs or replacement.

Do you offer a reseller program?
Yes, please contact for information on our reseller progarm.

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FAQ & Useful Product Information

How Accurate is the Thermal Scanner?

The Thermal Scanner is accurate to within half a degree Fahrenheit.

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Discreet notifications, body temperature check up to 3 feet away, contact free results in seconds, and more!

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