Drive Through Kiosks

An automated, customer-driven way to increase your restaurant’s output. Self-ordering customers spend an average of 15% more.

SNAP Drive-Through Kiosks are the ultimate way to reduce costs and increase profits without your customers ever leaving their cars. By making the drive-through process more efficient, you will increase the number of customers served, effectively boosting your bottom line.

drive thru kiosk


Reduce Food Costs

Decrease order errors and the need to remake food by letting the customer input the order themselves.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Build your reputation as a restaurant that makes ordering faster, easier and more accurate.

Customize Your Look and Feel

Inject your brand into every nook and cranny of our visually stunning, image-based menu templates.

Increase Revenue

Use faster, more efficient ordering to move more customers through your drive-through.

Boost Productivity

Let customers input their order and pay by credit card all on their own to reduce overall labor costs and allow your staff to focus on other tasks.


Use menu prompts to encourage larger ticket averages.


Customer Profiles

Each customer can have a profile that allows them to save their favorite items and orders for fast, one-touch reordering.

Advertising Opportunities

Turn your screen into a promotional piece when it’s not in use. Show video or scrolling signage of offers and specials to prompt motorists to pull in.

Saved Payments

Allow customers to save their paycheck methods for a faster checkout each time they order.

Allergy Icon

Tag your items with pre-built allergy icons so your customers can be aware of potential allergens as they order.

Technical Features


The DLD3200-GNE is a 32 inch industrial grade sunlight readable LCD, with high brightness 2000 nits and high color
saturation, it produce sharp images, crisp text and lifelike colors. The Durapixel LED backlight technology ensures high
reliability and low power consumption, suitable for outdoor application, kiosk, factory automation, military, transportation and gaming applications.


Eliminate the need for costly menu changes. Our web-based content management system allows you to update pictures, pricing, and backgrounds at any time and as often as you’d like. 

Plus, all of your menu content is cloud-hosted, which means you can schedule menu changes from anywhere and see your updates implemented within three seconds.

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