Automate Ordering Processes
for Maximum Efficiency

QSR digital signage software allows you to optimize the ordering process by instantly transmitting information from the interactive screens to the staff responsible for preparing their order. This saves valuable time for both the customer and staff while eliminating frustrating ordering mistakes.

Customers will have a chance to review their order before submitting it, giving them a chance to see it listed out in front of them so they can make sure they aren’t forgetting anything.

Highly Effective Promotional Tools

Drive-thru kiosks double as both interactive menus and promotion displays. Their eye-catching nature makes graphics of your offerings really pop. Hungry patrons will find promos and extras hard to resist, resulting in an increase in cart size and a boost in profits.

Dayparting and Themed Content

With drive thru digital signage software, your menus will automatically change to reflect the offerings of the hour. For example, breakfast menus can instantly switch to lunch at the strike of 11am. This is scheduled ahead of time for permanent solution to the tedious task of changing out display boards.

For holidays, you can implement themes throughout your touchscreen software with the click of a button. For hot and sunny days, you can push promos for items that help customers cool down, like Icees or Flurries. For rainy or snowy days, you can display items that help customers feel cozy and warm, like hot chocolate.

Collect and Process Useful
Customer Data Automatically

All of the information input by customers can be collected and processed automatically by your digital signage software. This can then be analyzed for valuable insight that will show you how to provide a better ordering experience for your customers. That data can instantly be accessed at any time, from anywhere.

Branded and Customized
Touch Screen Software

Your ordering kiosks can be personalized to incorporate the characteristics of your brand, including the colors, logos, mascot, slogan, or anything else you’d like displayed to your customers. Custom functions can be created that make selling your individual product or service much easier. Certain aspects of your touch screen software can even be adjusted on the spot through your remote CMS.

Cloud Based Content Management System

SignJet’s remote CMS allows you to use any device that supports a web browser to sign in and have full access from anywhere on the fly. You’ll be able to make adjustments to the content on any specific drive-thru kiosk, or all of your touchscreen kiosks collectively, with the tap of button.
The interface is intuitive and easy enough for even those unfamiliar with touch screen software to figure out in no time.

Upgrade your QSR’s drive thru ordering system with an interactive menu from SignJet and start leveraging the power of digital technology now.

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SignJet is a digital signage platform created by Digital Touch Systems out of Austin, Texas.

DTS has over 10 years of experience building and deploying interactive touch
screen experiences for major brands across the world.

With design, engineering, software development, and fabrication resources in-house
DTS fully manages, updates, and monitors tens of thousands of screens across the United States today.

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With over 10,000 screens deployed in the C-Store space alone,
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