Digital Wayfinding Kiosks Orient
Guests When They Arrive

The most important thing for an arriving guest, whether it’s a passenger in a rush or a casual shopper looking to peruse, is to figure out how to get to where they need to go. Interactive wayfinding kiosks provide a clear route from the starting point directly to their destination, which can include graphics showing which escalators to use, where to turn, and how far the destination is.

Unlike static maps, digital wayfinding displays allow users to skip the guesswork and prevent the frustration of being unsure if they’re going the right way.

Searchable Digital Directories
Make Finding Things Easy

Within the same touchscreen kiosk as digital wayfinding, a virtual directory can allow patrons to locate anything they might need. Keywords can be used to find items or places on the premises. For example, a user could search “sim card” and a list of cell phone stores or cellular service providers would come up. The location of each in relation to the starting point would be displayed on the map.

Temperature Screening Kiosks
Create a Safer Environment

COVID scanning kiosks can be placed at all entrances to ensure that anyone with a fever is identified. Cautious guests will be reassured to see that your facility is adamantly screening entrants. Additionally, temperature detecting kiosks can be installed in front of individual shops or gates as extra protective measures.

Digital Signage Systems Provide
Assistance in Case of an Emergency

In the event of an emergency or situation, promotion displays, temperature scanning kiosks, retail digital signs, or any other digital screens on the network can use screen overrides to help get people to safety. Alerts and directions for where to go and how to get there can be automatically broadcast across all screens to manage crowds and offer crucial guidance.

Self-service Kiosks Provide, Fast,
Simple and Safe Check in/ Check out

Whether a guest is checking into their flight or ready to make a purchase, self-service kiosks virtually eliminate the need for face to face interaction while saving employee bandwidth and providing a personalized user experience.

Retail digital signage can do everything from push add ons and promos at the POS, to ring customers up, process a variety of payment methods and print out their receipt. Airline check-in kiosks can do everything from greet guests, to print boarding passes and even provide directions to their departure gate.

Brand integration and fully custom touchscreen software allow you to curtail your interactive digital signage to fit almost any digital function.

Fully Remote Content Management System Access

Your digital screens can be managed from any web browser on any device. Additions or changes can be made instantly after simply logging in to your cloud-based digital signage CMS. There, you’ll have full access, or limited access can be granted for certain individual profiles.

Digital Signage Software Gathers
and Processes Relevant Data Automatically

The user data that gets input from guests is extremely valuable. Digital signage solutions collect and help extrapolate that information automatically, allowing you to gain deeper insight into how your patrons think and behave. This makes it possible to provide better, more valued service that guests appreciate.

Whether it’s airport digital signage or mall digital signage, a comprehensive solution by SignJet is the way to dramatically improve the CX in your facility.

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