Make Upselling Much Easier with Promo Content on Interactive Menus

With ordering tablets or kiosks, interactive promotional content provides a huge boost. If a user can simply tap on your promos to see attractive high definition videos of your food or drinks, they’ll be tempted—especially when all they have to do it is press a few buttons to complete their order.

The glowing nature of digital screens allows images to really pop, making dishes and drinks look as good as they do in person. Interactive tablet menus cause an increase in carts sizes by preventing customers from feeling guilty for indulging in front of their waiter.

digital advertising of food in convenience store

Impress and Entertain Customers
with Interactive Table Menus

A touch screen table is one of the most fun and interesting ways for customers to make their order. For most customers, the ordering itself will be a memorable experience. Interactive touchscreen tables can also be used for games, like trivia for trivia night or puzzles to entertain kids.

Feedback and Customer Surveys

The same touch table, tablet, or touchscreen kiosk your customers use to place their order can be used to complete surveys about your offerings and services. If they want to leave anonymous feedback about one of your employees or make a suggestion, they can do so through your digital signage software.

Collect Data and Start Giving
Customers More of What They Want

User data can automatically be collected by your touchscreen software and processed into easily digestible charts and graphs for easy analysis. Pain points and missed opportunities will be made clear, and you’ll be able to improve your approach to satisfy more customers.

Install Temperature Scanning Kiosks
and Protect Your Customers

Patrons of your bar or restaurant will feel more comfortable knowing that you’re using state of the art technology to screen entrants. Having a COVID-19 touchless digital thermometer kiosk set up in front of the entrance to your establishment will provide peace of mind for hesitant customers, and will help keep them and your staff safe.

Install Drive-thru Kiosks
to Offer Faster, Safer Service

If you don’t already have a drive-thru kiosk for ordering, now is the perfect time to get one. Customers love the convenience of being able to pass through and pick up their order from their car window—especially in today’s world. Busy customers who might not normally consider your restaurant a lunch option will have incentive to start eating there more often.

Remote CMS for Easy Digital
Signage Management

All of your touchscreen displays can be managed from one interface through any web browser with SignJet’s cloud-based content management system. Being able to make changes at any time is incredibly convenient and allows anyone you choose to have full or limited access to your digital signage system and its content.

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