Provide a Digital Campus Directory
and Virtual Wayfinding

When a student or visitor sets foot on campus, the first thing they need is to figure out where they are in relation to where they’re going and how to get there. A digital wayfinding kiosk will show them a list of destinations and services, and display a virtual map with the fastest route highlighted. This will reduce congestion while saving time for people on campus.

Self-service Kiosks Are
More Convenient for Everyone

Not only do self-service kiosks save employee bandwidth, they allow users to access a wide array of services on one simple interface and get things done in one go. Busy students will appreciate the time-saving, exposure-limiting nature of touchscreen displays for things like ordering food, paying fees, or signing up for activities.

Kiosks can also include games, AR activities, photo booths, and IoT integration, providing a fun, interconnected UX. Device sensors and social media profiles can be utilized to offer a more personalized, state of the art experience.

Automatic Student Data
Collection and Analysis

Gaining insight into how your students think and behave is invaluable. Educational digital signage software enables you to extract data that can be used to offer a more personalized and comprehensive experience. This including identifying pain points, learning how to market to your audience better, discovering what’s missing from your available services, and more.

Keep Everyone Safer with
Temperature Detection Kiosks

Considering the current climate, making a concerted effort to curb the spread of COVID is the least you can do as a place of learning. COVID-19 screening kiosks identify people who have a fever, and enable your staff to assist them while protecting others from exposure.

Emergency Guidance with
Digital Signage Screen Overrides

In the unfortunate event of a situation, your school digital signage solutions transform into emergency guidance with automatic screen overrides. Overhead signage, digital billboards, promotion displays, self-service kiosks, and any other screen connected to your network will display site-specific or building-specific emergency instructions for evacuation or where to go that is secure.

Fully Cloud-based Content
Management System

Your CMS can be accessed at any time by simply logging in from a web browser. Additions, deletions, or any other kinds of adjustments can be made on the fly with ease. Additionally, important data is stored on the cloud, so there’s no risk of losing content or valuable information.

SignJet’s education digital signage solutions can include custom software curtailed to the unique needs of your campus. With a personalized, branded software layout and custom functions, we can provide the perfect digital signage software solution for your school or place of higher learning.

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